Banner Garden Plugin for WordPress


Guys, i checked out it, and it should works under 3.0 also! I’ve downloaded it now, because i need it for a project, and here are some other environment. I realized, i used somewhere some php short tag!

As i will have some time, i will fix it. Until that time, open the php files and find <? tags. If you see a standalone <? tag, change it to <?php

After this, it should work! Sorry for the inconvenience!


The development of this plugin are suspended…

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Banner Garden Plugin for WordPress is (as the name is) a very usefull banner / ad  rotator script.

You can use it ANYWHERE on your blog. With a simple shortcode, you can insert your flash, image, or html code (like google adsense) into your posts, sidebar through widgets, header, or anywhere you want. Read the usage section later.

You have to do nothing else, just install this plugin, go to the Banner Garden settings page, create a campaign, add banners to your campaign, and place a little code like this [bannergarden id="3"] into anywhere in your blog.

This is the lite version of Banner Garden, it’s free to use. I plan, i will write a pro version with much more options, but this is the future.

Features and Benefits:

  • Create any campaigns
  • Optionally you can set the start and/or the end time of a campaign
  • Flash, image and ad code banners
  • Rotate banners randomly
  • Default banner if a campaign expired or file or campaign not exists. (You canturn this option on/off).
  • Uses the WordPress Media Library for uploading or selecting flash/image
  • You can add campaign to sidebar through widgets.
  • Place campaign anywhere in your blog.
  • Include a test flash and a test image banner
  • Localization in .po/.mo files.  (Hungarian localization included).


  • Download the from here.
  • Unzip it into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Go to the Plugins page at Dashboard.
  • Activate the plugin.


  • Go to the Dashboard -> Settings -> BannerGarden
  • Create a new campaign, and set it to Active
  • Add new banner(s) to your campaign
  • Insert anywhere this shortcode with your Campaign ID: [bannergarden id="xxx"] where xxx is the ID of campaign.
  • You can use widget to place a campaign to sidebars.
  • If you want to translate it, use PoEdit to translate.


I used WordPress 2.9.2 for developing this plugin, i don’t know, is it works with previous versions of it.
I tested it with these browsers under Windows XP Pro SP3 (32-bit):

  • Firefox 3.6 rv.1.9.2,
  • Google Chrome (42898)
  • Opera 10.10 Build 1893
  • Safari 4.0.4 (531.21.10)
  • Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

Please write me if you have other configuration, and it works .


I translated it to Hungarian. If you translate it to other language(s), please send me the .mo/.po files, and i will add it to the package.

How Banner Garden works [detailed usage]:

Place a shortcode anywhere in your page (see below): [bannergarden id="xxx"]

The xxx is the ID of your campaign what you found at list of campaigns page. The quotes are important!
You have several options to insert this shortcode into your page.

  • You can add it to your posts or pages through the WordPress editor.
  • You can use the Banner Garden widget, and place it to your sidebar(s).
  • Edit the .php file what you want, and insert this code.

So, before your WordPress engine start to render the page, the plugin is search for this shortcode. If it founds, it try to process it.

About the process method. The processor get out the id of the campaign. Check, is this campaign exists, if yes, check is this campaign active, and if it is active, check, is the time settings are right. If everything is all right, it check is there any banner in this campaign. If there is/are banner(s), then select one randomly, and replace the shortcode with your media.

If any of above condition fails, it will show the default banner what is placed in the plugin dirs media subdirectory named “default_banner.jpg”.
This happens only, if you did not checked out the “Show default banner if anything fails” option.

I included a test falsh and a test image banner for you in this media subdirectory.


You can download the plugin here.

That’s it, i hope this plugin will be a usable tool for you. Please leave a comment, and  write your opinion about this plugin, or what options would you see in the future version.

I did work very hard on this very first plugin, it tooks me 4 days, because i know wordpress only since a week.